Web development that delivers the optimal experience across all devices


What’s the first impression potential customers have of your business or product? Most likely, it’s your website. Not just your website, but that first glimpse of your website, that quick, initial moment when they compare your ‘look’ to other sites they’ve seen on the web, including your competitors.

Getting results from your website requires you to capture that moment, to communicate clearly in an instant that your business is worthy of note. That is what we do well – blending creative flair with functional and effective design.

As well as engaging your customers we make sure your website is easy to use, always up to date and optimised for search engines.

UX & UI Design

The usability of a website is paramount for a positive user experience and this begins at the design phase by mapping the user journey.

Using our wireframing tool we design the architecture of a website, defining the best layout and navigation structure across multiple devices.

A static visual design is then implemented over the wireframes and tested for usability, changes in aspect ratio and content.

Only when we are confident in the architecture, design and usability of the site will the technical build begin.

Responsive Development

We build responsive designs focusing on touch screen capability to meet the varied sizes and requirements of all tablets and smartphones.

For compatibility purposes, every website we build undergoes full cross-browser testing.

Our far-reaching technical expertise means we can cater for bespoke website solutions using a variety of programming environments including ASP, ASP.net, C#, PHP and JavaScript along with a host of others.

Custom Projects

Do you need your website to integrate and support wider business functions?

No problem, we have delivered a range custom development projects for many of our clients. Recent examples of our custom work includes sophisticated database integration, real-time communication with stock systems and email automation for project management.

If you have the time, please take a look at our work portfolio to get an idea of what we can do.

Content Management Systems

Our chosen content management system is WordPress for its flexibility, developer community and ease of integration with other software.

WordPress is the most popular CMS in the world and we have built more than 200 websites using the platform, in many cases shaping the tool to meet the needs of specific projects.

But we don’t just work in WordPress and we will happily recommend an alternative if it suits your requirements.

Other Content Management Systems we work with include Magento, Drupal and Expression Engine.

Hosting & Technical Support

We provide managed hosting services on our dedicated VPS with a standard hosting package that includes day to day technical support and full daily back up.

With Blue Wren, you are guaranteed 99.9% up time and a maximum four hour response if any problems arise with your hosting.

For added security purposes and extra peace of mind, we also source and install the full range of SSL certificates.