Their requirement:

  • Create a consistent user-journey across their numerous websites
  • Streamline and automate administrative tasks
  • Process and deliver an immense number of orders over Christmas

How we created positive change:

  • Built a responsive website, accessible across devices
  • Integrated each website with their numerous internal and external systems and databases
  • Implemented a core database, accessible by all Booths’ remote locations
  • Better integrated the ecommerce site with existing loyalty card database, warehouse logistics, stock control and accounts
  • Reduced repetitive data entry and administrative tasks
  • Researched consumer-behaviour to intuitively steer their journey towards purchase
  • Designed each page, led by the customer’s experience
  • Developed a secure login system for Booths’ customers
  • Offered simple functionality to update content across the site
  • Integrated email marketing software and automated data feeds in the warehousing software
  • Maintain a secure and easy to navigate website experience
  • Provide ongoing website hosting, support and advice

“Blue Wren develop, support and maintain our full digital portfolio; including our transactional Christmas website. We have found Blue Wren to be professional, efficient and technically skilled and would be happy to recommend their services to others.”

Andrew Rafferty


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