You’re ready to take Flight if…

  • You’re struggling to scale your business

    Frustrated by cumbersome processes

  • You don’t have visibility of your work in progress

    Turnover shows growth, but you’re all ‘too busy’

  • You feel like you’re treading water

    Wasting time on administrative tasks and not growing the business

  • You know software can help

    But choosing a solution and investing time into that solution seems impossible

Blue Lozenge

The truth is…

“Off-the-shelf” software just won’t cut it, and nor will a heavy-duty enterprise solution. You’ll sink countless hours and money into a solution that just won’t quite work for you.


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Flight is proven to increase efficiency for professional services businesses

Its ease of use gives you greater visibility and better functionality.

Master your workflow and see immediate productivity benefits through streamlining your current cumbersome processes.

Everything your business needs

We configure Flight CRM and workflow management software for professional services businesses to harness the power of digital solutions, without you having to invest time and money into commissioning a bespoke system.

Flight has been designed for the specific productivity challenges faced by professional services businesses on a daily basis. We then customise each system to match your exact requirements.

Introducing Flight from Blue Wren

The new standard in CRM and workflow software for professional service businesses.

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Printscreen of Flight CRM & Workflow Management Software displaying the calendar functionality

Convert more customers

  • Record new enquiries – store all enquiries, log the source and assign the new enquiry to a member of your team
  • Automate tasks and notifications – make sure your team never miss out on a lead with automated task workflows
  • Pipeline management – view the likelihood of closing deals and manage expected close dates and job value
Printscreen of Flight CRM & Workflow Management Software showing a new notification being received

Retain your loyal customers

  • Contact reminders – no need to worry about forgetting about contract referrals with set service reminders
  • Monitor customer satisfaction – use Lentl to understand your customers’ opinions of your services
  • Automated renewals – Subscription service? Offer auto-renewals for retained clients with an automated workflow
Printscreen of Flight CRM & Workflow Management Software displaying a list of enquiries

Maximise your relationships

  • Record customer conversations – manage cross-company communications by logging any and all interactions in Flight
  • Manage referral networks – discover who your customer champions are that continue to drive your business growth
  • Customised reports – view at-a-glance reports that give you key insights to who your biggest clients are
Printscreen of Flight CRM & Workflow Management Software displaying the audit notes of a customer

Four simple steps to take Flight

Getting your software right is key; it can be the difference between Flight creating positive change for your business, or being mothballed by staff unwilling to engage in a system they don’t feel a part of.

That’s why we do things differently; we’re with you every step of the way. From initial discussions, all the way through to take-off and ongoing support, we’re there to ensure you get the most from Flight.

Group of people in modern office having team meeting and brainstorming while working on laptop and drinking coffee - represents Blue Wren's UK-based team

The 4-step Flight Process

We keep this as simple as possible. We do all the heavy lifting:

  1. Map – We meet with you to better understand your business, producing a process map and completing your Flight specification sheet to ensure your configuration is perfect for your business.
  2. Configure – Having completed your specification sheet, we set about configuring the system; giving you access to a test application to ensure Flight works for you.
  3. Launch – Once you’ve tested and signed off your configuration, we prepare your historic data and migrate this to Flight. Then you’ll get access to your brand new Flight system.
  4. Support – Our dedicated customer service team are on hand to support you. Whether it’s tutorials or requests for additional functionality, we want to enhance your Flight experience.
Icons displaying Blue Wren's 4 step process: Map, Configure, Launch and Support

The Team Behind Flight

“We built Flight because customer after customer struggled with the same issues: wasting hundreds of hours and thousands of pounds trying to perfect a CRM and workflow system that was never meant to serve them and ultimately never could.”

Michael Lough, MD, Blue Wren

Flight CRM and workflow management software was designed and built by us, Blue Wren. We’re a Software House in Preston, Lancashire committed to creating positive change through technology.

Blue Wren spread its wings back in 2010, so we’ve had plenty of time to understand what training and events professionals need in a CRM and workflow solution. 

Flight is a culmination of our experience. Listening to our customers, we’ve ironed out the kinks and complexity technology typically presents and perfected a system as robust and reliable as rain in the north. 

Your custom system is powered by real people working hard to deliver a product we can all be proud of. We can’t wait to help you take Flight. 

Blue Wren logo: We create positive change

Experience the power of Flight

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