Intelligent software development allowing businesses to work smarter


Our technical skills allow us to deliver high performance software that help our clients improve their operating efficiency as well as grow their audience through innovation.

Software and web applications can take various forms and in all areas of business operations; however the underlying objective is always to reduce administrative man-hours and increase efficiency.

All applications we build incorporate high levels of data integrity and security while at the same time integrating with any existing enterprise software you may already use.

Concept Analysis

Concept analysis is the first stage in understanding how software can improve your business operations.

More often than not, it is the first step that proves the most difficult to overcome, so we work with you to determine the requirements of the software, understand the pitfalls and scope the best possible solution.

Using this analysis we will define a project scope and work programme for that meets your requirements and budget.

Booking & Invoicing Systems

We have valuable experience in developing online booking systems for a range of business sectors including training providers, event businesses and education services.

Our booking and invoicing systems incorporate sophisticated functionality including group bookings, payments on account, automated email / text notification, candidate lists and internal viability alerts.

Although bespoke, these systems are designed to integrate seamlessly with popular financial and CRM software to streamline processes and improve efficiency.

Bespoke Software

Having developed bespoke software solutions for businesses across a wide range of sectors we are able to solve the most complex of business problems.

Whatever your business requirements, from custom CRM development, to booking platforms or auditing tools our team of specialists can deliver a software solution that works.

We can provide solutions on multiple frameworks and languages including .NET, PHP, C#, and Java.

If you have the time, please take a look at our work portfolio to see examples of our bespoke software projects.

API Integration

APIs allow different software systems to talk to each other, automating resource heavy processes or making best use of services offered by other providers.

There are too many to mention here but as a guide we have worked with a myriad of APIs including Google, SalesForce, Sage, Amazon, EBay, Facebook and Twitter.

We continue to work with these APIs, keeping on top of the available options for integrating new features into existing applications along with enhancing those already in place.

API integration can enable advanced functionality without the large scale costs of bespoke software development.

Marketing Event Software

We have developed sophisticated event management software to support marketing events and activities across multiple locations.

Our tool allows businesses to organise and notify team members in the field and to efficiently collect and record live qualitative and quantitative data.

This data is then processed and presented in attractive, user-friendly graphical reports.

The software has been ‘white-labelled’ and designed in a modular way, allowing users to define what type of data to collect for each event as well as customisation of branding and colour palettes.

It is an ideal tool for Experiential Marketing Agencies as well as any business delivering larger scale events that require measurement.