Everything you need it to be

Flight is an innovative software platform that delivers affordable, bespoke software to match any business process or workflow.

Flight can be configured to whatever you need it to be. Whether it’s:

  • CRM & Workflow
  • Project Management
  • Training & Event Management
  • Stock Control & Resource Planning
  • Bespoke Development

That means as a customer you no longer need to compromise your process and productivity with rigid, out-of-the-box software, and instead create something that matches your exact requirements.

And because the platform is made up of highly configurable modules across all areas of business operations, you can achieve enterprise level functionality at a very affordable cost.

Printscreen of Flight: Training CRM and workflow management software displaying a list of businesses held in the CRM

A future proof solution

We know that process improvement is a continuous struggle. That’s why we have done everything we can to make Flight a future-proof solution for each and every customer:

  1. Even after it is live, your software can be changed and updated at no additional cost
  2. Every solution comes with a fully documented RestfulAPI layer allowing it to connect to any other 3rd party application or website
  3. Your software is hosted in our virtual private cloud in Amazon Web Services, the most secure and scalable cloud infrastructure in the world

Transparent and fair pricing

We firmly believe in transparency when it comes to pricing. But because every Flight configuration is customised to the specific requirements of each customer our prices can fluctuate.

And that’s why we’ve worked extremely hard to create an innovative pricing model that is both cost-effective and crystal clear.

With a modest initial investment and a single organisational license encompassing future development, you can expand your business without the worry of software costs spiralling out of control.

CRM & Workflow

Manage your key accounts, generate more leads, manage pipeline, accurately cost new projects and create automated quotes that your customers can approve online.

Use intelligent workflows to manage the customer journey and track profitability in real-time.

Customised reporting and dashboards relevant to your role in the business.

And seamless integration with finance applications, ecommerce and online shipping portals.

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Project Management

Create, manage and track an unlimited number of projects connecting together costs, timesheets, expenses, suppliers, resourcing and invoicing.

Schedule your labour and materials, sending automated notifications and tasks to key individuals and monitor progress and milestones.

And use custom documents to create quotes and job sheets that auto-populate with customer information.

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Stock Management & Resource Planning

Efficiently manage your customer orders, from production scheduling and resource planning through to stock control and supply chain management.

Generate quotes that are automatically sent to customers and converted to sales orders on approval, triggering production schedules, bill of materials, picking notes and invoicing.

Flight can deliver the functionality of an enterprise-level ERP system, but at a fraction of the cost.

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Training & Event Management

Set up and publish events and training courses, managing the delegate journey and coordinating resources including venues, equipment and instructors.

Automate repetitive processes such as course communications, reminders, internal tasks and document generation to keep your training operation running smoothly.

Use portals to allow your clients and sub-contractors to self-serve and further streamline operations.

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Bespoke Development

If you cannot find off-the-shelf software to solve your business challenges, then work with us to find a cost-effective, bespoke solution.

The flexibility of the platform means you can quickly and easily have  solution that can be iterated and scaled without the huge cost associated with ground-up software development.

We can help you capture that new opportunity or solve your process challenges in a fraction of the time and for a fraction of the cost.

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Take control. Take Flight.

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