Does this sound familiar?

  • You don’t have full visibility of how your firm is performing

  • Every fee earner does things in a slightly different way

  • You cannot grow without hiring more people to manage the paperwork

  • You don’t know if a job is unprofitable until it is too late

Blue Lozenge

Your firm is unique…

That’s why our Flight platform will create Project Management Software that is designed to the specific requirements of your Chartered Surveying Firm.

We’re here to guide your journey on Flight, but no-one knows your firm better than you. We’ll listen, feedback and help to identify how we can streamline your business processes.

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Software built to grow your Surveying Firm

  • Customised, cloud-based system built to your specific requirements

  • Proven track record of improving profit and operational efficiency

  • You get exactly what you need to make your firm more productive

  • The power of an enterprise solution but for a fraction of the time and cost

Project Management Software for Chartered Surveyors

If you are a dynamic and ambitious Chartered Surveying Firm but need greater control and visibility of your projects and operations then our software will work for you.

We believe that technology should create positive change for those that use it. That is why we customise each system to the specific requirements of the customer.  And we continue to support and enhance the software as your business develops, and at no extra cost.

So, if you are looking for a technology partner that can help you improve productivity and grow your surveying firm then please get in touch.

Plan with precision

  • Efficient project management – easily create, manage and track an unlimited number of projects and jobs. Give controlled access to fee earners, agents and sub-contactors
  • Centralised data – a single place for all job activity including tasks, notes and correspondence. Easily organise teams and projects as well as instantly see progress and milestones
  • Secure document management – securely store or link to all relevant documents that can be accessed from anywhere.  Instantly send client notifications, quotes and reports that auto-populate with personalised client information

Schedule your fee earners

  • Add the right people to the right projects – based on skill, role, cost and availability. See everyone’s schedule in a shared team calendar. Know what they are working on at all times
  • Flexible rates and billing – charge different rates for different project stages, different people and different client types
  • Reserve equipment and resources – attach and schedule resources to the project to avoid double booking

Efficiency with workflows and automation

  • Intelligent workflows – build automated workflows based on rules and triggers to move projects along without constant supervision
  • Automated tasks – minimise project risk and administrative costs by automating repeatable tasks and actions such as project updates and follow-up reminders
  • Generate dynamic documentation – create documents, emails and letters using our document generator inserting specific client information to personalise the output

Track time and budget

  • Multiple job-types – build budgets based on job-type and fee structure including professional fees, project work and commission-based activity. Monitor profitability across the entire practice in real-time
  • Timesheets – record staff time against a project, tracking costs in real-time with reminders and notifications to ensure time is accurately recorded
  • Track billable and non-billable hours – get a complete overview of each project’s profitability and trigger alerts when profit margins are threatened

Standardise valuations, surveys and reports

  • Document builder – standardise and professionalise all your client documents and reports with consistent branding and presentation as well as dramatically improve the efficiency of report writing
  • Pre-defined content – no need to re-write the same thing over and over again. Set up pre-defined content and then tweak with personalised client information
  • Integrate workflows – create reports in minutes instead of hours and then integrate into a workflow that sends to the client and triggers additional tasks such as submitting timesheets and sending invoices


Keep your clients up to date

  • CRM – manage the client acquisition process from enquiry through to conversion, as well as track the effectiveness of your referral partners
  • Contact database – manage your contacts efficiently. See when you last emailed or spoke, any missing documentation (such as AML documents), which projects they are associated with, or how much they owe you
  • Project updates – automate notifications and alerts to clients keeping them informed of progress

Integrate with key systems

  • Xero & QuickBooks integration – create a seamless link that removes the need to create two invoices. When you create an invoice in Xero or QuickBooks, it sends it to your software and vice-versa
  • API Integration – using our API, we connect to your other systems to seamlessly integrate all functions of your business, delivering an end-to-end workflow without the risk of data duplication or corruption

Harnessing the power of AWS

We harness the power of Amazon Web Services to provide every customer with a software solution that specifically matches their process and requirements. The level of customisation covers all aspects including storage, workflow, functionality, access and integration.

By aligning our Flight platform to AWS, we take advantage of the most advanced and secure cloud computing infrastructure in the world.

AWS is fully scalable meaning expensive hardware upgrades will never be a consideration.  It also means Flight can leverage the extensive and continually enhanced cloud computing services offered by AWS.

Flight is a highly flexible, robust, future-proof solution for any business.

Customised for you 

Getting your software right is key. It can mean the difference between creating positive change for your business, or it being mothballed by staff unwilling to engage in a system they don’t feel a part of.

That’s why we do things differently; we’re with you every step of the way. From initial discussions, all the way through to launch and ongoing support. We’re there to ensure you get the most from your software.

Flight is not SaaS (software as a service), it is an award-winning platform that creates bespoke Project Management Software that is unique to your business.

And one that you can change and develop over time at no additional cost.

Group of people in modern office having team meeting and brainstorming while working on laptop and drinking coffee - represents Blue Wren's UK-based team

Our 4 step process

We keep this as simple as possible. We do all the heavy lifting:

  1. Analysis – We meet with you to understand your business, producing a process map and completing your Flight specification sheet to ensure your configuration is perfect for your business.
  2. Configure – With your specification sheet, we set about configuring the system; giving you access to a test application to trial.
  3. Launch – Once you’ve tested and signed off your configuration, we migrate your historic data and launch your new Project Management Software. This will be unique to you and your business.
  4. Support – Our dedicated customer service team are on hand to support you. Whether it’s tutorials or requests for additional functionality. Continue to make changes at no extra cost.

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Armitstead Barnett

Armitstead Barnett is a specialist firm of Chartered Surveyors providing estate agency, valuation, and property services across England’s North West.

We delivered customised Project Management software to show key business performance at a glance, but also enable the workflow of projects from enquiry to completion without the need for manual processes outside of the system. The system also eliminated the need for physical files and the duplication of effort.

As the entire firm now adopt the system, they’re aiming to increase the productivity by 30%, and therefore see their profit increase as they can take on more work without the need for additional team members.

Read full case study

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