Our approach is agile

We are proud to implement the principles of Scrum; a form of agile project management. It enables the whole team to have complete project visibility at any stage of development and its iterative process opens the door to honest feedback, both for the client and our team.

We inspect, we adapt, we react… daily.

Remaining agile means continually monitoring a project’s health and progress. The activities below mean we’re able to adapt and react effectively throughout a project’s lifespan.

Daily stand-ups

Every morning we meet in a daily stand-up. The team, Scrum Master and Product Owner plan the day’s workload, ensuring the chosen course of action adds real value to the project. We ask:

What did you accomplish yesterday?

What are you working on today?

Were there any blockages?

Our Scrum Master removes obstacles for the team. The Product Owner acts on behalf of the client to ensure the project stays focussed. The whole team leave the stand-up knowing what everyone is working on that day.

Tracking the project

Every stage of the project is meticulously planned and split into incremental tasks called Stories. Each Story is written on a Post-It note and logged on our Scrum board. They are also documented on our digital project management tools, for which the clients also have access.

Everyone has complete project visibility.

Achievable sprints

Sprints define an agreed time period in which a particular aspect of a project is to be developed.

Our careful time management and planning delivers complete parts of a product to the client at set intervals.

Through meeting in our daily stand-ups and providing the client with  a product to review, we maintain project transparency. We also give the client regular opportunities to feedback.

Opportunity to feedback

Remaining transparent allows for regular feedback throughout development. We can inspect, adapt and react to produce aspects of the project which hold the most value. We ask our client, “what is the minimum you need this product to do before you can start using it?”, and begin by creating that.

This way, we operate at our most efficient, the client receives a useable product in the short term, and we can continue to develop additional features in upcoming Sprints.