The Customer

MALTDAQ is an incredibly innovative online business that offers a new way of buying and selling whisky. The company provides an online marketplace for whisky enthusiasts to legally buy and sell bottles with each other. It is quick, low cost, verified and designed to find a true market price between buyer and seller.

The secondary market for single malt whisky in the UK is currently worth approximately £140m and is made up of an army of passionate collectors, investors and drinkers.

Their Pain

As a pioneering, online marketplace that bridges the gap between buyers and sellers MALTDAQ faced a unique challenge. The absence of off-the-shelf software tailored to their needs forced the company to rely mainly on manual processes, dramatically limiting their growth.

To overcome this hurdle, MALTDAQ recognised the urgent need for a customised software solution. By automating and streamlining their operations, they aimed to unlock their full growth potential, optimise match making capabilities, and establish themselves as a leader in their niche market.

Our Solution

Flight was the perfect solution to address MALTDAQ’s challenges. Firstly, it was Flight’s capacity for rapid workflow and functionality prototyping that allowed MALTDAQ to quickly adapt and fine-tune their processes as market dynamics evolved.

Secondly, Flight’s ability to seamlessly integrate with third-party applications significantly enhanced operational efficiency. By plugging into these external tools, MALTDAQ could streamline various aspects of their operations, from payment processing to distribution and data analysis.

Key Features

  • Integrations with Stripe, WordPress, Shopify, Amazon, UPS
  • Historic sales history for market information and management reporting
  • Membership database with automated workflows to encourage activity
  • Batch processing to improve efficiency
  • Automated product listing and match making
  • Full product database with easy upload capability
  • Management of the end-to-end transaction process

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“Flight has been a game-changer for MALTDAQ. As a dynamic and innovative online marketplace, we faced a unique set of challenges. Flight’s rapid software prototyping capabilities allowed us to adapt swiftly to changing market demands, staying ahead of the curve.

The software streamlined critical processes and reduced errors, all while ensuring data accuracy, which is paramount for our marketplace’s credibility.

Thanks to Flight, we’ve not only overcome these challenges but also scaled our business profitably. It’s been the ideal software solution that perfectly aligns with our needs, enabling us to be agile, efficient, and competitive in our niche market.”

– Chris Dee, CEO & Co-Founder

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