The Customer

Taplanes is a British manufacturer based in North Yorkshire who specialise in modular showering solutions for all types of structures – from traditional buildings to more unusual designs or listed buildings.

Established in 1979, Taplanes has established itself as a leader in its industry, growing its product range and supplying not only the bathrooms of the UK but further afield including Africa and even Antarctica.

Their Pain

Taplanes grappled with the challenge of handling high volumes of unique customer orders, each tailored to specific requirements. This bespoke nature led to operational inefficiencies, as they relied on a manual approach that hindered productivity, accuracy, and scalability.

To alleviate this pain, the company recognised the urgent need for specialised software to streamline order processing, enhance customisation capabilities, and improve stock management.

Our Solution

Flight’s versatility as a fully configurable platform allowed us to tailor a solution precisely to Taplanes’ unique set of challenges.

Starting simple to build confidence with the team, the software was extended into more parts of the operation as well as linking with Xero to streamline financial reporting.

Flight’s robust features allowed the company to optimise stock control, streamline order workflows, and boost overall operational efficiency. Its adaptability not only resolved immediate issues but also offered a scalable foundation for continuous improvement.

Key Features

  • Core CRM functionality such as contact details, email correspondence, sales history
  • System generated documents including quotes, sales orders and job sheets
  • Workflows to manage key processes including quote approval and scheduling
  • Full sales journey from enquiry to proposal and sales order
  • Stock and inventory management
  • Forecasting and reporting for operations and management
  • Integration with Xero

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“Our collaboration with Blue Wren resulted in customised software that is aligned to our business’s unique requirements.

It has proven to be an invaluable asset, significantly enhancing our operational capabilities. The improved visibility of our existing and prospective orders means we can execute more efficient planning and improve overall productivity.

The integration with Xero ensures the consistency of our financial and customer data throughout our entire organisation, further reinforcing our commitment to excellence in both customer service and financial management.”

– Jasmine Sandford, Head of People and Processes

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