The Customer

VoicePower is an independent supplier of speech recognition software and digital dictation solutions.

Their core values of Personal, Professional, and Passionate mean they prioritise building genuine connections with clients, maintaining the highest standards of expertise, and approaching every aspect of their work with unwavering enthusiasm and dedication.

Their Pain

VoicePower had an old, underperforming CRM system that was holding their business back. It had become unreliable, causing operational inefficiencies, and data inaccuracy hindered productivity.

To remedy this, they recognised the need for a new, customised solution that could efficiently manage their sales processes while also addressing the support, licensing and training aspects of their business.

This key pain point stemmed from a desire to enhance reliability and streamline operations, ultimately enabling them to achieve higher levels of productivity and efficiency across their entire business and better fulfil their core values.

Our Solution

We collaborated closely with VoicePower’s management team to tailor the Flight platform to their specific needs.

Flight’s modular and highly configurable nature enabled an iterative approach to implementation. We began by rolling out functionality that addressed a specific aspect of the business, ensuring it aligned precisely with requirements, before moving onto the next area of need.

This phased deployment strategy, built confidence within the VoicePower team as they witnessed tangible improvements as well as minimised disruption across the business.

Key Features

  • Core CRM functionality, including the storage and management of key customer data
  • Automated sales process from enquiries to quotes to orders
  • Scheduling and delivering training and support sessions
  • Ticketing and support system
  • Licencing and contract management
  • Key management reporting
  • Integration with company website and Xero

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“Flight has proven to be a powerful and effective CRM for VoicePower.

Our business information is now significantly better organised, allowing us to operate with efficiency and productivity.

The platform’s flexibility and robust features have truly transformed the way we manage our operations, enhancing our ability to connect personally with clients, maintain professionalism, and approach every task with unwavering passion and dedication.”

– Vicky Humberstone, Owner

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