The Customer

Medico-Legal North West Chambers (MLNW) provides independent psychiatric and psychological experts to a wide range of solicitors, barristers and courts throughout the UK.

Their expertise extends across criminal, mental health and mental capacity, family, civil and employment domains.

Their Pain

The key pain points in the MLNW process focused on efficiently dealing with new enquiries, assigning work to the right Consultants and then tracking progress through to completion. The process was further complicated by the disparate nature of the expert Consultants.

MNLW needed a centralised location of business data including client information, new business enquiries and contact details of medical professionals. They then needed automated workflows to manage service delivery with minimal human intervention.

Our Solution

The first step was to map their process to visualise the flow of work through the business. From this we identified the necessary steps in the service delivery process and opportunities for automation.

We then configured our Flight platform to deliver bespoke CRM and Workflow software to solve MLNW’s key pain points and open up opportunities for growth.

It was important the software was easy to use and provided global visibility of business performance for management while at the same time automating the different steps in the process to move jobs along with minimal human intervention.

Key Features

  • Core CRM functionality, including the storage and management of key business data
  • Full project management to track job progress and information
  • Task management system to ensure work is completed in a timely manner
  • Centralised, secure file storage with full GDPR compliance
  • Automated reminders to ensure deadlines are not missed
  • User hierarchy to provide access to specific information
  • Ability to set a schedule for consultants so they are not assigned work they cannot do
  • Reminders / notifications / triggers to ensure actions are taken to move the process along
  • Full audit trail to track the job from start to finish

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“The introduction of CRM & Workflow software has been hugely beneficial and given us the visibility we needed. It has helped us to grow and bring on new Consultants without the additional administration costs that would normally come with it.

Blue Wren understood our pain points and worked with us to deliver software that matched our requirements.  They continue to provide ongoing enhancement and improvement of the system which is very valuable”

– Dr Appleyard, MLNW

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