The Customer

The Cornell Group is a land and development company that manage projects from land acquisition through to development and marketing of residential and commercial properties.

The company handle all aspects of the process including site surveys, planning permission, construction, and the marketing of properties/sites.

Their Pain

As the organisation began to scale, acquiring more land and development projects, they were struggling to keep up with the various stages and tasks for each individual opportunity.

They used manual tracking documents that were cumbersome and unable to generate important task reminders for the team to complete necessary work, meaning deadlines could be missed and progress not updated on the tracking documents.

Projects were being delayed and stakeholder expectations were not being met. To continue to support their growth, they needed a system that would give extra project visibility and allow tasks to be assigned to relevant team members.

Our Solution

We initially sat down with the team at Cornell to map their processes and the necessary flow of information through the business and what tasks needed to be created.

With the process map complete, we then created a customised project management tool that provides top-level visibility of job progress, whilst also offering the tasks and workflows to complete the projects.

The system allowed Cornell to accurately track and forecast job completion, making the management of resources and customer expectations much easier.

Key Features

  • Full project management system to track top-level information
  • Task management system to ensure work is complete in a timely manner
  • Core CRM functionality, including the storage and management of key customer data
  • Automated reminders to ensure deadlines are not missed
  • User hierarchy to provide access to specific information
  • Ability to export and report on key company data

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Since running the new system, The Cornell Group has scaled the business to handle almost twice as many projects without the need to recruit additional staff.

The time efficiencies that we have created for the organisation continue to support the growth of the organisation, and we are already planning the next phase of the project to incorporate more elements of their project management.

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