When to use Email and Microsoft Teams

23 April 2020


As a result of Covid-19 and remote working, many businesses are adopting Microsoft Teams for the first time.  This can be a very powerful collaboration tool if used effectively.

At Blue Wren we have created a clear protocol for how and when to use email and Microsoft Teams.

We hope this might also help others.


  • For external communication with clients / suppliers / 3rd parties
  • Use to transfer information or confirm what was discussed at a meeting / telephone call
  • If your message is requesting a response be clear with the details of that response – how / when / who
  • Avoid back and forth conversations over email, especially between multiple participants
  • Avoid blanket emails and CC’s – only send to specific and relevant recipients
  • Keep the language factual and without emotion. It is very easy to misconstrue the intention of the written word
  • Always use the company signature at the end of the email

Microsoft Teams

  • For internal collaboration and communication with colleagues
  • A 2-minute phone call can save loads of time instead having a back and forth conversation on Teams
  • Please indicate in the team channel when you’re around. This doesn’t have to be minute-by-minute, but indicate when you’re around at the start of the day, and when you go offline
  • If you do not want to be disturbed at a particular time, indicate that via your status
  • Don’t use @channel unless you really do need to interrupt people who are working
  • Trust that people will read the channels that are relevant to them. If you want to say something relevant to the channel, then just write it
  • If you need someone’s attention immediately, and they are away, then DM them. Please pay attention if you are DM’d, even if you’re working asynchronously, and respond if necessary.
  • If you are collaborating, then share early. As a contributor you are ‘working out loud’ and as a reader you will see the document evolve in real time
  • Always remember that Teams isn’t a great tool for tracking every interaction: things can get lost, especially if in a thread. Polite reminders are OK if you think someone might have missed something

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