Why your business needs to embrace digital transformation

12 December 2017


Digital transformation is more than just a buzzword. It’s a technological shift in business methodology that has countless efficiency benefits.

What is digital transformation?

“Digital transformation” is about much more than transferring business processes and documentation to digital. It’s about developing a culture to work smarter and creating new models which facilitate that.

While you may feel that you operate in an efficient manner using digital processes, your current technologies could be holding you back. Having the ability to identify how your business can progress using digital technologies can spark true transformation for your business.

Look at Airbnb, Uber or JustEat – these industries have been turned on their heads by a seemingly simple change. It’s the same service, but available easier.

So, ask yourself, what does digital transformation look like for your business or industry?

Applied Artificial Intelligence (AI)

AI doesn’t necessarily mean driverless cars and robots that backflip, it can mean so much more to the way your business operates. By using big data and a connected network, your processes can automatically learn the best way to operate.

Take our client, Hosokawa Gen4, for example. Rather than one machine in one manufacturing plant operating in isolation, they share this information with plants and machines around the world to help create huge efficiencies throughout their clients’ processes. Not only reducing machine downtime, but allowing them to fulfil orders in a way that is most appropriate.

People often talk about big data and complex algorithms, but think about the application of these to your business; what data could you use to create positive change?

‘Business as usual’ is no longer good enough

It can sound daunting, but businesses can no longer afford to continue as they have done. Digital transformation is occurring at a pace that threatens to leave many behind. It’s vital to adapt to a new way of working.

Think about the things your business was doing 20 years ago, 10 years ago, 5 years ago and even 1 year ago. You’ll notice that the speed of change is rapidly increasing, but what will your business be doing that’s different in one year’s time?

Three questions

To summarise, ask yourself those three questions again:

  • What does digital transformation look like for your business/industry?
  • What data could you use to create positive change for your business?
  • What will your business be doing that’s different in one year’s time?

We’re keen to hear from forward-thinking organisations that are looking to take that leap or make that change that could drive them forward. Get in touch!