You’re ready to take Flight if…

  • You know you should be using software to grow your business

    But choosing the right option is confusing and stressful

  • You’re already using a CRM to track some processes

    But trying to hack it together with calendars and spreadsheets to create a make-do solution

  • You don’t want to sink time and money into the wrong solution

    Or get in over your head with a generic, one-size fits no-one platform

  • You don’t have hours to spend perfecting the solution

    You need a responsive customer service team who’ll help make this CRM work for you. How can you be sure you’ll get that kind of support?

Blue Lozenge

The Truth is…

You’ll never find “off-the-shelf” or enterprise software to solve your workflow problems without investing hundreds of hours and vast sums of money.


Because they aren’t built with your training and events business in mind. You’re too small of an enterprise solution. Too big for Excel.

…it’s time to think again.  Book a demo

Introducing Flight from Blue Wren

The new standard in CRM and workflow software for training and events businesses. 

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“Blue Wren configured Flight in exactly the right way for our business.”
Claire Critchley, Training Manager, Ainscough Training Services

Printscreen of Flight: Training CRM and workflow management software displaying a list of businesses held in the CRM

Keep track of courses and bookings

  • Create event templates – save time when creating new courses by grouping core information in a template course
  • Track bookings – monitor bookings and assess course viability to ensure you’re running profitable courses
  • Manage venues – allocate courses a location and carry through address and directions for your delegates
  • Manage demand – if your courses are oversubscribed, customers can request to join a waiting list
Printscreen of Flight's Training CRM & Workflow Management Software displaying the

Improve customer and team management

  • Notifications and alerts – notify users, bookers and delegates with updates on their courses and events
  • Manage documents – create certificates and attach joining instructions that auto-populate with delegate information
  • Automated tasks and actions – help your team meet deadlines with automated task reminders
  • Manage resources – assign instructors to courses, avoid booking conflicts and maximise availability
Printscreen of Flight: Training CRM and workflow management software displaying a list of courses held in the CRM

Reduce time with an efficient workflow

  • Build intelligent workflow – customise rule-based workflows to guide customers through their journey from booking to attendance and beyond
  • Integrate with existing tools – integrate with your other software tools, such as Xero and Outlook, to gain extra time savings
  • Access rich analytics – access key performance information that lets you see how your business is performing
  • Monitor performance – manage your team effectively by seeing where they are focussing their attention
Printscreen of Flight: Training CRM and workflow management software displaying customner audit notes

Four simple steps to take Flight

Getting your custom software right is key; it can be the difference between Flight creating positive change for your business, or being mothballed by staff unwilling to engage in a system they don’t feel a part of.

That’s why we do things differently; we’re with you every step of the way. From initial discussions, all the way through to take-off and ongoing support, we’re there to ensure you get the most from Flight.

Group of people in modern office having team meeting and brainstorming while working on laptop and drinking coffee - represents Blue Wren's UK-based team

The 4-step Flight Process

We keep this as simple as possible. We do all the heavy lifting:

  1. Map – We meet with you to better understand your business, producing a process map and completing your Flight specification sheet to ensure your configuration is perfect for your business.
  2. Configure – Having completed your specification sheet, we set about configuring the system; giving you access to a test application to ensure Flight works for you.
  3. Launch – Once you’ve tested and signed off your configuration, we prepare your historic data and migrate this to Flight. Then you’ll get access to your brand new Flight system.
  4. Support – Our dedicated customer service team are on hand to support you. Whether it’s tutorials or requests for additional functionality, we want to enhance your Flight experience.
Icons displaying Blue Wren's 4 step process: Map, Configure, Launch and Support

“We have been delighted with the way Blue Wren has worked with us to create and develop a system. Blue Wren always work hard to understand our needs and have exceeded our expectations with what they have been able to deliver. Their communication is excellent, in particular the response time when we need support.

Our system is a vital tool to ensure we provide the best service possible to our customers and we have been extremely impressed with the technology, systems and valuable advice Blue Wren have been able to give us.”

The team behind Flight

“We built Flight because customer after customer struggled with the same issues: wasting hundreds of hours and thousands of pounds trying to perfect a CRM and workflow system that was never meant to serve them and ultimately never could.”

Michael Lough, MD, Blue Wren

Flight CRM and workflow management software was design and built by Blue Wren. We’re a software house in Preston, Lancashire, committed to creating positive change through technology.

Flight is a culmination of our experience. By listening to our customers, we’ve ironed out the kinks and complexity to perfect a system as robust and reliable as rain in the north.

Your custom system is powered by real people working hard to deliver a product we can be proud of. We can’t wait to help you take Flight.

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Ready to take Flight?

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