Our Client

Harrison Drury are an award-winning soliciting firm from the North West of England, offering a range of services across a host of sectors, for businesses and individuals, alike. They approached us to simplify the current systems that they had in place and to create a company-wide Hub for key documents.

The Challenge
  • Improve operational efficiency of day-to-day tasks
  • Create a user-friendly interface for employees to easily access key documents and share information
  • Develop a company-wide intranet, accessible from a number of remote locations
Our Solution
  • Design and build an online platform, implementing a flexible and interactive RSS builder that can integrate user-defined feeds onto their own easy-to-use dashboard
  • Write software to consume APIs, ensuring The Hub is an interactive intranet which incorporates real-time information from a variety of channels, on both a company and user level – social media outlets, for example
  • Write functionality that pulls in the company’s Outlook calendar and displays it in a central place to increase visibility throughout the entire company
  • Create several smaller databases to sit within the application, to streamline business processes
  • Integrate instant messaging (Slack) into the platform, facilitating faster, real-time communication between staff across all locations
  • Involve the stakeholders throughout each stage of development to ensure the project was not only progressing in line with their vision but to remain transparent with regards to the project’s process; further opening the door for enhanced client input and amplifying collaborative involvement
  • Since 2012, become, and remain, a long-term trusted digital partner for Harrison Drury