How a simple process map can improve your business

07 June 2021


Sometimes the exercise of documenting the way you work can have a transformational impact on your business.

How you deliver your products or services to your customers is often second nature, but how can they help you improve your business?

A simple process map will help you identify the pain points within your business and understand where things are going wrong

Process maps document exactly how you get from A to B, you’ll focus on key issues that we’ll explore further in this piece.


The key to creating a process map is to identify accountability at key areas of the process.

No more of the ‘you should have reminded me’ mentality. This is focused on ensuring that people understand their role and it’s importance to the bigger picture.

By giving people ownership and responsibility, they’re more empowered to complete the work and also understand their contribution in the context of the service you are delivering.

Accountability isn’t about pointing fingers. Having clearly defined roles and responsibilities helps to install a continuous improvement mentality as people focus on improving their own area of the process.

Clarity of vision

Beyond accountability within the process, a process map can clearly articulate your vision as a business. Whether you’re focused on speed of service or the relationships you form with your customers, your process map will clearly illustrate areas of importance.

Individual team members will also improve their visibility of the overall business and the roles each person or department plays in that.

This will help to build internal relationships between departments as they understand each other’s roles on a new level.

Profitability & productivity

Do you know the cost of serving your customers? From sales acquisition to service delivery?

By mapping your processes, you’re able to study and understand the effectiveness of each individual step of the process. This will help to not only identify pain points and inspect them but to scrutinize the time taken.

By identifying time sinks in your processes, you’re able to make decisions that will reduce the manual effort required and help to boost your profitability and productivity.

Not only will you reduce the time taken to acquire and serve new customers, but you’ll also have an increased capacity to serve more customers in the same amount of time.


If any of these pain points resonate with you, get in touch. We’d love to help you produce a process map that could have a transformational impact on your business.

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