Why chartered surveyors need project management software

21 January 2021


Your projects may not always be that long or complex, but without an effective project management solution in place, you may be working inefficiently and wasting valuable billable time.

We explore some of the key reasons why chartered surveyors need project management software and how it could create positive change for your firm.

Define and follow a process

Different surveys need to follow different processes. Some may be relatively straightforward and quite transactional, whilst others are a lot more complex and long-winded. However straightforward or complex the surveys turn out to be, they can all be broken down to repeatable processes.

Systemising these processes involved in delivering surveys removes the room for human error by taking away manual activities and introducing mandatory requirements for surveys to be completed.

Consider how often you have to review that you’ve included all the relevant information. If your project management system doesn’t allow you to produce the report when certain information is missing, you’re improving the chances of you getting the work right first time.

Maximise your fee earning potential

Chartered surveyors need to ensure that they have the maximum time available to spend on fee earning work. That means reducing the administrative tasks and reducing the time spent on each individual project.

Implementing a project management software can turn your on-site notes into written reports by automating the production of documents related to the process. The same applies for documents throughout the process.

Whether you are sending instruction letters, invoices or any other documents relating to your processes, you can eliminate the need to spend additional time on these administrative tasks.

The same rules apply for communicating, too. How much time do you lose to chasing updates from the customer or third parties? Automate your communications to customers to ensure your time is spent earning money for the firm, and not chasing loose-end.

Monitor your performance

What gets measured, gets done. A saying as old as time.

It’s as relevant to surveyors as any other organisation. It’s vital that you understand your figures and monitor the information that is important to your performance. Tracking the time spent on surveys will help understand the profitability of your services, and whether your pricing structure is right.

Having a close eye on the figures will also help to forecast your workload and manage customer expectations. With an understanding of how long it takes to complete each type of survey, and your work in progress, you’ll be able to accurately track your workload.

Not only can you forecast your workload, but this can help you to take charge of your cash flow; understanding when you should be able to invoice for works completed based on your projections.

Improved customer service

With increased demand comes increased expectations from customers. Every job has a deadline and if you miss the deadline, it risks damaging your reputation.

By implementing robust processes, you help to ensure that deadlines are met and expectations are exceeded. Automating email updates, creating report documents automatically and managing resources effectively will all help you to improve your service to customers.


The way we work has changed massively over the last 12 months, but it’s important that we are now equipped with the right tools to maximise our potential.

The need for project management software has never been greater as we’re all under pressure to achieve more with fewer resources available.

If you’d like to discuss how project management software could help to create positive change for your firm, get in touch.

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