Do more with less: how surveyors can deliver twice as many reports in half the time

19 November 2020


There are time pressures on all of us at the moment. We are all seemingly trying to do more with less. Back-to-back Zoom meetings, blurred lines between home and work. Finding it difficult to switch off.

It is vital that we keep ourselves focused on maintaining that work/life balance, whilst still ensuring the practice succeeds. You do not need to be typing up your reports all night or searching the archives for comparable properties.

There are tools out there that can help you do more surveys in less time. Giving you the free time so you can switch off the laptop or join yet another Zoom quiz with your family.

Increase your efficiency

You go to a site, you write or dictate your notes, you head back to the office and you type up those notes into a report which looks a lot like the last 1000 you’ve done.

The problem with this is that there is so much wasted effort. You have taken the notes on-site only to have to type them up and complete the report when you get back to the office. That is already duplicating the required effort.

Then you have to produce the same standard report, again and again. Why? You know the format; you know what needs to be included. Standardise your report templates and get your system to automatically populate the document based on the information you have gathered. There is no need to reinvent the wheel.

Now, there is always going to be jobs that do not quite fit the mould, but 80% will. If you can standardise and increase the efficiency of 80% of the reports you have to generate, how much time would you save?

Conflicts and comparisons

So, you can save time on producing the written reports. Now it is time to save more time by stepping away from the filing cabinet full of old reports and customers and allowing an effective software platform to intelligently search the records and help add weight to your report by finding comparable properties for your reports.

Before you even undertake the work, you can save time on finding out whether a conflict of interest exists by using a similar search function.

All of this manual, time-consuming action can be redeployed out in the field, conducting more surveys and boosting the productivity of your practice.

We have delivered systems like this for companies like Armitstead Barnett, and with great results. If you would like to discuss a project with us and find out how our customised software can help you deliver twice as many reports in half the time, get in touch.

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