Unlock the potential of your Chartered Surveyor firm with Project Management Software

06 November 2020


There’s always elements of a job that we don’t enjoy doing, but when you’re a Chartered Surveying firm, the last thing you want to be doing is chasing for updates or having to trawl through the archives to find comparisons or potential conflicts of interest.

As a firm of chartered surveyors, you are highly trained professionals that need to maximise your fee earning potential. The best way to do this is by completing the surveyors efficiently and building your network.

Automating conflict checks and comparisons

By setting your search criteria in an effective project management system, you will be able to check what conflicts your firm may have, clearing your path to deliver the surveyor without concerns.

More so, you can use your firm’s archives to check for relevant comparisons for your new surveys, making the research tasks a lot less intense.

These are both huge time savings that allow you to focus on the truly valuable, fee earning work.

Follow-ups and chasing

Chasing for updates from your customers or third parties can result in a huge, missed opportunity to be bringing in more fee earning work. Whilst it is essential to keep your active projects moving, you do not need to be sending every chase email or follow up yourself.

Defining workflows and triggers within your project management system can result in prompts sent directly to your customers and other stakeholders on your project. This eliminates more process waste and helps you focus on adding value to your firm.

You can even build in escalations, so if you have not received a response within a certain amount of days, your project management system can alert you to intervene and call the customer directly.

Standardised and automated documents

Another time-sink that can stop your surveyors from reaching their potential is the need to create new documents with every project. From a proposal to heads of terms, to the written survey.

Standardised documents reduce the time taken to complete the work, and an effective project management system can even automate the creation of these documents, dynamically populating them with information stored within the platform.

Monitoring effectiveness

We all want to understand how much we can deliver and how productive we are being. Your project management software should enable you to track the effectiveness and efficiency of all of your projects and surveyors.

You can assign costs and time spent to projects to understand whether certain surveyors are more efficient or are delivering projects in a more cost-effective way, helping to pinpoint how you can improve your entire team’s effectiveness and identify training requirements.

Unlock your potential

The right project management software can help your business and surveyors reach their potential by eliminating waste and letting them focus on fee-earning services. We’ve delivered similar systems for other firms, like Armitstead Barnett, with fantastic results.

If you would like to discuss the impact project management software could have on your chartered surveyor firm, get in touch.

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