Chartered Surveyors: Tips and best practices for tailoring CRM software

11 December 2023


In the dynamic world of a Chartered Surveyor in the UK, where attention to detail and client satisfaction are paramount, the role of technology cannot be overstated.

Tailoring Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software to the unique needs of your surveying practice is not just a choice; it’s a strategic necessity.

In this article, we provide tips and best practice recommendations for chartered surveyors looking to optimise their CRM software.

1. Compliance and regulation customisation

In the UK, the property sector operates within a regulatory framework that demands meticulous attention to detail. Customise your CRM to ensure compliance with industry standards and local regulations. This may include sections to record AML checks and compliance documentation as well as automated reminders for regulatory deadlines.

2. Addressing client requirements

Clients will have unique requirements that demand a tailored approach. Customise your CRM data fields to capture information specific to the UK property market, such as leasehold details, planning permissions, or considerations related to historical properties. By understanding and adapting to client needs, you enhance your ability to deliver a personalised and attentive service.

3. Integration with UK-specific tools and platforms

Chartered surveyors often need to leverage specialised tools and platforms. Ensure seamless integration between your CRM software and these specific tools. Whether it’s linking with property databases, land registries, or compliance portals, integration will streamline workflows and ensure data accuracy.

4. Tailoring reports for market insights

Reports are invaluable tools for decision-making and customising them to reflect market insights is essential. Create reports that highlight trends in the UK property market, regional variations, and other factors influencing surveying projects.

5. Mobile Accessibility

The nature of surveying often requires professionals to be on the move. Customise your CRM to be mobile-friendly, allowing your team to access critical information, update project details, and communicate with clients while on-site.


Tailoring your CRM software is not just a technical endeavour; it’s a strategic investment that means you can deliver exceptional customer service within a unique business environment.

By customising for compliance, addressing client requirements, integrating with UK-specific tools, tailoring reports for market insights and ensuring mobile accessibility your firm of chartered surveyors can unlock the full potential your CRM system.

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