I don’t know where to get started with CRM

30 January 2023


The Problem

With countless options available, the dilemma often arises – “Which CRM solution should I choose?”

Faced with this overwhelming array of choices, many businesses opt to stick with manual processes and spreadsheets, ultimately stalling progress and missing out on the transformative power of CRM technology.

The Consequence

The consequences of not choosing a CRM system can be far-reaching. Without a CRM platform, critical customer information is scattered, making it nearly impossible to gain meaningful insights into sales trends and customer activities. This lack of data not only hampers strategic decision-making but also leaves businesses operating in the dark, unaware of their customers’ evolving needs.

Neglecting to implement a CRM system results in compounding of inefficiencies, bloating operational costs, and jeopardising competitive advantage. The erosion of relationships with customers becomes an unintended consequence, as manual processes struggle to keep up with the demands of a modern, customer-centric business environment.

You are working harder, not smarter.

The Solution

Always start with process. Before diving into the sea of CRM options, take the time to define your business processes around acquiring, delivering, and retaining customers. Understanding these core processes lays the groundwork for selecting a CRM system that seamlessly aligns with your business objectives. For more information see our video and blog “We’re all doing things differently”

And to also help you navigate this decision-making process, we’ve compiled the Top 20 considerations to help you choose the right CRM. This checklist covers essential factors such as scalability, user-friendliness, integration capabilities, and customer support.

While every business is unique, these considerations will guide you towards selecting a CRM partner or software product that best suits your specific needs.


Overcoming the paralysis of choice when it comes to CRM is possible. By focusing on your business processes and using our curated checklist, you can transform your approach to customer relationship management, unlocking new efficiencies, boosting competitiveness, and fostering stronger connections with both customers and staff.

If you are interested in how to work smarter, then why not book a free, no-obligation call to find out more.

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