Five reasons why Facebook Tabs work

18 February 2013


Reason One – You can sell to your Facebook audience

Facebook Tabs are in fact stand alone web pages that are then ’embedded’ into the relevant Facebook page to make it look like they are an integral part of the site.  This gives brand owners a better opportunity to explain the benefits of the product / service they are selling to a Facebook audience.  You could even sell directly from the Facebook Tab if you wanted to.

Reason Two – Gives your customers something more

Your Facebook Tab can include videos, online games or customer surveys – all excellent tools for engaging with your customers and giving them something more than just a timeline of comments and images.

Reason Three – Collect customer data

Many of the Facebook Tabs we develop collect contact information in exchange for a competition entry.  This contact information is stored in a secure database that can then be exported directly into email marketing software.

Reason Four – Collect more ‘likes’

Facebook Tabs can include something called a ‘like’ gate – this means the user must ‘like’ your company page before the Facebook Tab information is revealed.  You need to add some sort of enticement such as a give-away or competition entry to encourage users to click ‘like’.

Reason Five – You can track your audience’s behaviour

Because a Facebook Tab is in fact a separate web page you can install Google Analytics and track the way people use the page, where they came from and where they go to.  These statistics can then be used to improve the way you use Facebook for your brand.

Some Facebook Tabs we have built recently: