Evolving a brand (part 2): Representing a value

08 November 2017


When refreshing our brand, we wanted something concise and bold which best represented the nature of the services we deliver. Something complex, yet simplified.

Part one of evolving a brand explored how our logo – the solitary blue wren – has evolved alongside the business.

In part two, Sam discusses the importance of representing one of our core values, “Together”, and how this was achieved.

Bird Animation, evolving into the Polywren

Much like the polywren and his polygons, together we’re greater than the sum of our parts; something reflected in the website’s design.

You will notice triangles sprinkled throughout. They take their influence from the formation of a flock of birds.

Agility and flocking birds

There are subtle similarities between birds flocking and working as part of an agile team. Flying in a V optimises the amount of energy each individual bird must expel, streamlining efforts and making forward motion more efficient.

To create the flocking bird design, first we sourced a photograph and plotted each bird with a triangle, complementing the polygons of our polywren.

Below you can see the original flock mapped-out alongside the adapted flock, after numerous variations.

Finally, this then became the flock you see flying across the background of the site, even flying its way into our brand book. They aptly appear on the page dedicated to our value of “Together”.

Where the group becomes a whole

This unification, from a number of individuals into one unified team, is reflected in the way our polywren forms.

From the proud individual, to a flock which comes together to form a greater whole… an apt way to describe the process at Blue Wren.

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