Gesture controlled websites

10 January 2014


If you are into technology then you will no doubt know that CES 2014 is currently running in Las Vegas. If you are not in the know, CES 2014 is an international exhibition of all the latest breakthrough consumer technologies.

The exhibition is a way for inventors and multi million pound companies to show off the latest technologies which they think will transform people’s lives and shape how we use technology.

As a website design, development and online marketing company this exhibition is important as new technologies could affect how our business develops.

With 100’s of technologies on offer to talk about and discuss, it is the exciting technology of 3D cameras being integrated into laptops which is the most intriguing for us as a company.

3D cameras are already in use in Microsoft’s Kinect, but the advent of these cameras being put into laptops can open up a completely new way of how users interact with online content. The demonstration of these new cameras showed how a user was able to play a pinball videogame by waving a real paddle in front of the camera.

Although this is hypothetical, in theory if this technology becomes mainstream and built into all laptops then a website could be opened and navigated via gesture controls. This idea at first may seem a bit bonkers but already the Xbox One uses gesture controls to navigate through the menu. Why can’t this technology be incorporated into websites?

If this technology does take off via mainstream laptops then it certainly could open the door to gesture controlled websites.

The future is bright the future is gesture control………………….Maybe?