Has Google messed up Adword campaigns?

26 July 2013


Google has recently started to change all display and search Adword campaigns from ‘legacy’ to ‘enhanced’. The roll out of the new ‘enhanced’ campaigns is currently taking place and will continue over the coming weeks.

What are the changes?

The new ‘enhanced’ campaign has some fundamental changes that all Adword advertisers need to take into account. The focus of the change primarily centres on how advertisers target an audience with regard to devices.

Previously PPC advertisers were able to create individual campaigns for mobile, desktops and tablets. This has now been merged into a single campaign to span all devices. This has caused outcry from some PPC advertisers who were used to the separate campaign configuration.

Targeting a single device is still achievable through bid adjustments within a campaign, but can be confusing and PPC advertisers will have to adopt a new approach to a campaign.

Why are Google making these changes?

As with all Google updates their aim is to improve the experience for their end users (you and me).  Google are clearly pushing for advertisers to invest and commit to mobile advertising as more people are using a mobile phone than a PC to browse online. This strong shift towards mobile browsing is an area in marketing that is only increasing and the changes are aimed to help advertisers improve visibility on this platform.

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