Illustration in web design

02 September 2013


They say a picture is worth a thousand words and that’s certainly true when it comes to good illustration.

The right image can help brands simplify and fine tune their message. A good illustrator can help portray a company’s message and make it clean and engaging for someone to understand.

Have you ever wondered why so many companies use stock photography for their branding?

It’s just so easy! It looks polished, professional
 and it’s relatively cheap.

What if everybody is using the same sources for imagery? How do you define your branding?

Did you know that most people make a judgment about a website in the first 10 seconds of looking at it? This is an extremely limited time to make an impression on a user.

Using illustration in your website can help to make your brand stand out like it never could with stock photography because it’s customized and personalized for your brand.

Not only that, but using illustrations on your website can grab a viewer’s attention and adds to the interactivity of a page, therefore users will be more likely to browse for a longer period of time.

Take a look at a few of these lovely illustrated websites.
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Blue Moon Brewing Company
The Penthouse Project
Sir John a day