Internet Explorer 8 is DEAD!

07 March 2014


This may be common knowledge for website development companies across the globe, but for people who are not in this industry, I need to inform you that Internet Explorer 8 is DEAD!

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The latest version of Internet Explorer is 11 which is three times more advanced than Internet Explorer 8 which was released in 2009, over five years ago. In five years a lot can change and, simply put, if you are using Internet Explorer 8, you are missing out on viewing websites correctly.

The introduction of HTML5 and CSS3 which lets developers create wonderfully beautiful websites with lots of user interaction is not supported by Internet Explorer 8. This means that you as a user are not getting the correct experience of using the website as the designer and developer have intended. So to view websites correctly you need to update your browser to Internet Explorer 11.

Another reason to update your browser is that Microsoft the company that makes Internet Explorer has stated that they are not going to be supporting Internet Explorer 8 anymore. Microsoft by not supporting Internet Explorer 8 is basically telling anyone who is using it to not use it and update.

If you are currently using Internet Explorer 8 and want to update here is the link – Internet Explorer Update.

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