Search Engine Magical Formula

13 May 2013


Many people ask me ‘what is the secret that makes a website rank well in Google?’ or ‘how do I get on the first page of Google?’ So to try and answer these questions as best I can without talking any jargon that you won’t understand, read on and I will reveal all.

The secret magical formula that will get you to number 1 in any search engine not just Google is ………….

Wait for it ……………….

Actually I need to stop you all right there and apologise because there is no secret magical formula. To be completely straight up with you all, I have told you a big fat lie. Also if anyone else tells you that there is a secret magical formula be wary, as I would not trust them as far as I could throw them.

The simple truth of it all is that if you want to see your site move up the Google rankings organically then putting time and effort into your site will yield results. This is because Google loves content and that is pretty much it, content, content, content and more content. If you populate your website with good quality content that is relevant to your website you will see results.

We have a saying in the office ‘Content is King’ and this in our opinion is the secret to organic progression in search engine rankings.

There is obviously a lot more to optimizing a website, but the more content you have on your site, the more search terms will be linked to your website. This will then increase traffic to your site which will in turn move the website up the rankings. I do need to highlight that the content that you produce has to be relevant to your website and has to be well produced.

Good quality produced content takes time and effort, and this is what you need to put in to move up the search engine rankings. That for me is the secret magical formula just plain hard work. As with everything if you want to be successful then you need to put in hard work and time.

Hope this little insight has helped you realise the importance of content on your website and that over time you will reap the benefits and climb up the search engines. If you need a hand in writing any content for your website or help with any of the more technical aspects of SEO then feel free to give us a ring or an email.