Small Businesses and Local SEO

02 July 2012


Map of PrestonAs a digital marketing and SEO company in Preston we find that our advice to small businesses is to generally answer the following two questions; ‘How do I get to the number one spot in Google?’ and ‘Why have I lost traffic to my website?’

The answer to both questions is usually from the result of a website owner trying to achieve a quick route to the number one spot in Google which often causes a loss in traffic to the website.

Since Google has rolled out its latest anti-spam algorithms, Panda 3.8 (25th June) and Penguin 1.1 (25th May)  the use of any ‘black hat’, quick win techniques are picked up very quickly and the website receives a severe penalty and is dropped from the search results. Our advice is always the same, look to produce quality content for your website and try to update your information as often as you can.

Sometimes this is not practical as you also have a business to run, but our advice is try and write short news items or blog posts about your latest project remembering to include the location. This is a great tip for local businesses wanting to improve their local search results, because Google will build up a picture of the geographic area you service.